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+ Free Pass Bucks launches 10 Free Pass Sites

Toronto, ON - February 3, 2009:

Free Pass Bucks has taken the gratis-site business model and turbo charged it, launching 10 free pass sites—all of which feature lifetime memberships and a dramatic $40/PPS Payout.

Here’s the deal. Your surfers get a free lifetime membership to a regularly updated site. You get $40/PPS for each sign-up, no limits. We’re giving everybody what they want. Your traffic gets free porn; you get $40 for a no-money-down sale!

“With everybody clamouring for free porn these days, it just makes sense to devise a sales structure that gives into this demand; the fact that it generously rewards our affiliates, well, that’s our deal-maker,” commented Platinum Bryan, Head of Sales at Free Pass Bucks.

Currently Free Pass Bucks has sites in each of the following niches: